The Buy To Let Property Fund sells shares in the company at £1,000 per share. As an investor, you can therefore buy a share at £1,000 per share. The minimum investment opportunity is 1 share at £1,000 and maximum investment is 10,000 shares totalling £10 Million.

You can buy a share as a company or from your company or as an individual. Please note that the share will therefore be in the name of your company if bought from a company or your personal name if bought from you as an individual. 

All share purchases are processed by Lee Taylor of Pro Tax Accounting. Following payment from yourself, you can expect to receive a share certificate proving your ownership of the share and an update online within Companies House highlighting your share acquisition within the company.

Share purchase updates will be registered with Companies House quarterly by Pro Tax Accounting. 

If you ever chose to sell your shares, you are welcome to sell those to:

  • EThe buy To Let Property Fund
  • EOther Investors
  • EInvestors generally
  • EFamily
  • EFriends
  • EColleagues
  • ECompanies
  • EYour Businesses

As you are a bonafide shareholder of the business, liquidating your shares into cash holding is relatively straightforward for you to be able to achieve. 

That stated, most investors have no need or desire to sell their shares as they are owners of a bricks and mortar business, which is deemed to be one of the safest asset classes and into buy to let property which is deemed one of the safest investment vehicles. So overall, unless you found yourself in financial difficulty, there is almost no need to sell your share.

Shareholder perks and benefits

Ownership of a business

Capital appreciation

Profit from revenues


Ownership of properties

Reduced risk

A broad portfolio

UK Company

Public records

A Finance Director

An Accountancy Firm

UK Laws

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