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Buy To Let Property Fund is a collective group of investors who pay into the Buy To Let Property Fund who buy and oversee the buy to let portfolio, investment opportunities, viewings, minor and major works, sales of property, remortgaging and so forth. Essentially, the Buy To Let Property Fund is designed for investors who wish to enjoy an armchair investment experience. Buy To Let Property Fund covers all aspects of the buy to let property investment journey, making it easy and enjoyable for investors.


Buying a property is time consuming throughout the sourcing and purchase process in addition to once you own the property.

Buy To Let Property Fund removes all of the hurdles and challenges associated with buying, owning and managing buy to let properties. 

As an investor, you can get involved in buy to let property from just £1,000. This low entry level investment makes buying property affordable and achievable for almost anyone wanting to get into property.


Buying a share into the business at £1,000 per share, enables you to own part of a company that owns many buy-to-let properties, which in turn, reduces risk, spreads your investment and properties that are doing well, cover any pitfalls with properties doing not so well.

No one knows what areas or locations will boom or drop in value, however, being in the property marketplace constantly, enables the Buy To Let Property Fund to be best prepared for any such alterations in the marketplace, good or bad.

As a shareholder, you can enjoy dividends from the business, re-investment into property and capital appreciation from the assets.

As an investor, you can invest from £1,000 and up to £10 Million into the Buy To Let Property Fund. There are no limits. The more capital that the Buy To Let Property Fund has available to invest, the more properties it can secure and capitalise from.

If you want to get into property investment, the Buy To Let Property Fund is probably your best first step.

Once you are an investor and co-owner of the business, you can invest more whenever you wish to.

Why Us?

  • Invest in UK based

  • Guaranteed Return On Investment (ROI)

  • A broad portfolio 

  • Become a shareholder with an investment of just £1,000

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